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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ) & Services

How does it actually work?

AirbnbSEO increases your search rank position online, which means it’s seen by more potential guests and leads to more bookings for your place. Hotel chains such as Marriott and Hilton use listing optimization to increase their bookings, but now with AirbnbSEO, private hosts can do the same!

How do you get my listing higher in search ranking position?

We target frequent rental bookers who often seek properties similar to yours. By attracting the right audience online, your listing's visibility and Google ranking improve significantly. Our advertising strategy extends beyond Google, encompassing social networks, partner sites, and various other channels, all at discounted rates thanks to our partnerships. This cost-saving approach benefits hosts by maximizing bookings. Increased views directly correlate with higher rankings, ensuring that your listing appears prominently in search results. This enhanced visibility significantly enhances your chances of securing bookings.

Do you need my OTA or PMS account login and password?

NO! The only thing we need from you is your listing link (URL), we never ask for any other information.

How do I order?

Select your desired optimization plan and share the URL(the link) of your listing on various online travel platforms (OTAs). It's a straightforward process!

When will I start getting views?

It typically takes 24-48 hours to get your listing approved and online.

My listing is on VRBO,, Expedia or other OTAs.

Most of our services available for any OTAs. VRBO,, Expedia etc. Please see plan description.

What if the listing was deleted, and I have an updated one?

Simply provide us with a new URL, and we’ll change your URL up to once a month.

I have a subscription plan running. Can I order “Emergency Boost” or “Holidays and Events Boost”?

Yes, you can. The whole idea behind our revolutionary AirbnbSEO services is to ensure you can capitalize on the market when the booking is hottest.

What if you don’t offer the services I need?

Feel free to contact us for more details and one of our specialists will help.

I have more than 10+ listings to optimize across multiple renting websites. Are there discounts available for bulk orders like mine?

Absolutely! For bulk orders involving over 10+ listings across various renting websites, we can offer special discounted rates. Feel free to contact us for more details.

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