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Airbnb listing optimization. Best 5 tips to get more bookings.

Renting your home or property on Airbnb is a great way to bring in some extra cash and share your lovely space with guests from around the world. There’s a lot of money to be made. Especially these days when people are opting to rent homes with kitchens and private areas rather than crowded resorts and hotels. If you’re trying to increase your bookings on Airbnb and stand apart from the other thousands of hosts on the platform, there’s a lot you can do for Airbnb listing optimization. In this article, we’ll give you the top five tips to get as many eyes on your listing as possible and increase your number of bookings. How to set up and optimize an Airbnb listing?

Tip #1: Bnb optimized. Updating Your Front Picture

How to make my listing more visible on Airbnb

The listing’s front picture serves as its calling card.It’s the most important aspect of what helps sell the property to potential renters. We can never be sure what front picture renters will react to or connect with most. So it’s a good idea to be rotating through a series of pictures that feature different aspects of the home. We recommend changing your front picture anywhere from one to two times a week to boost your Airbnb listing optimization. And as much as every day during its peak rental season. Often, guests do not make a reservation the first time they search the app for properties. So by consistently changing the main photograph, you can ensure that anyone who may have scrolled past listening last time will see it in a new light.

Tip #2 Change Your Rates Regularly

Airbnb algorithm

Airbnb listing optimization is important for increased bookings. And a simple and easy way to get your listing to a higher ranking position on the app is to change your rate. Listings that are changed by even as little as 1 dollar are seen as “live” on the app, and given preferential treatment. Increasing and decreasing the rate for your Airbnb property makes the Airbnb algorithm recognize the listing as cared about. And it benefits you by giving you a higher ranking on the search results page. The higher your ranking the more eyes will be on your property and the more bookings you’re likely to get. 

Tip #3 How to get my Airbnb listing higher? Use Keywords In Your Listings Title


Keywords are an important function of all SEO or search engine optimization. Businesses of all sorts use them frequently. Keywords are essentially the words that are most often searched by online users when they are looking for places similar to yours. You can find keywords for your property through google keywords and other free apps online for Airbnb listing optimization . Once you have a list of the most searched keywords, look for local keywords that help lead potential renters to the area where your property is located. Using these keywords as the property title makes certain that your listing is first on the search results. And renters who are looking to travel to your town see the amazing listing you have to offer.

Tip #4 Increase Rates When Demand Drops

pricing strategy

How to optimize airbnb listing? This may be counterintuitive. But when booking demand decreases for your property you should increase your rates. Often when hosts bookings drop, they drop their rates as well. This ends up putting them in more competition with other listings. The less competition you have. The more likely you are to book guests. So a good tip is to increase your rates, even by 5%-10% for a week. And see if it increases your number of bookings. You can always change the price back or find the sweet spot for your listing. But playing around with opposites helps hosts.

Tip #5 Airbnb algorithm. Constantly Change Your Listing Title

Airbnb Title

Your listing title should be like your front picture, constantly changing and being updated. This helps to allow different users to find it and connect with the property. How to set up and optimize an airbnb listing? We recommend having at least five different titles that work for your listing and rotating them in and out of use. This is particularly important for homes that have a seasonal aspect to them, such as summer homes or winter lodges. You can also incorporate season keywords into the title like swimming for summer, or hiking for autumn or spring, or skiing for winters.

We hope these tips helped demystify how to get more bookings on Airbnb. We know that it can be difficult to remain optimistic when you aren’t getting as many bookings as you know you should. But with these small simple steps, you can make your listing into a money-making machine.

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